Coronavirus Lockdown Diaries – Day 9

Lockdown Diaries (9)


Day 9 – 31/03/2020
This morning was super-productive. We cleaned out the rat cage, and got to enjoy that satisfying ordered feeling you get when things are clean! The first news headline I read this morning was amazing: “Lockdown ‘may lead to aggressive seagulls’” – “People living on the coast are being warned that seagulls may be more aggressive than usual due to a drop in food sources amid the coronavirus lockdown.” This is one of those odd invisible consequences of this whole crisis I was thinking about the other day. I’m not sure I would have predicted this one in a million years, but the world is a bizarre place. It is weird scrolling through the news just now. It is a strange mix of end of the world doom, and uplifting weirdness that people are getting up to in isolation, all jumbled in with constant reminders to keep washing our hands. I read a Guardian article titled: “We can’t go back to normal: How will Coronavirus change the world?” It discussed the pessimist’s view of how this crisis will only make the stuff that is already shit in the world even worse, and contrasted it with the optimist’s view of how we can use this “once-in-a-generation chance” to mobilise people and create a new better future. I am a cynic, but I cannot help but feel inspired by the latter. The speed at which the Government has enacted changes to fight this virus has rarely been seen before. Ideas that we had been told could not be done by taking Government action seem a lot more feasible now. The Climate Crisis was a key point in this article: can we use the fear people have for this virus to help fight Climate Change? Can we use this global panic, and global cooperation to start protecting our planet? Or will we be truly human, and let this amazing chance slip through our fingers and instead be used for corporate greed, dodgy Governmental power plays, and further separation from each other? Only time will tell. Today I am choosing to be an optimist. That might change tomorrow, but we can only try to do the right thing… right?