Coronavirus Lockdown Diaries – Day 8

Lockdown Diaries (8)

Day 8 – 30/03/2020

Another Monday. Week 2. How many more weeks will there be? I read an article in the Guardian about how zoos are struggling to cope with a skeleton staff, and how the animals are finding this odd change of routine a bit unsettling. I have not been able to stop thinking about this quote “Keepers in London have also been giving extra attention to the pygmy goats, who have been “waiting patiently for visitors who never turn up”.” Be still my broken heart. In a more positive article, I read that 20,000 former NHS staff have returned to work to help the fight against Coronavirus, which is incredible. I also spoke to Rosie today. They have managed to book a flight home. All my fingers are crossed that they will make it home safely. With the lockdown, and social distancing, it will still be a while until we get to see them. I think Bilbo is starting to miss Rosie! Her wee face always looks a bit confused when she sees it is still me! I think she is sick of me trying to take her photo to send updates to her Mum!! I’m not sure I would be managing this isolation thing quite so well without my animal family. They are a great motivator to force myself out of bed in the morning, and their antics cheer me up so much! Setting small goals for myself each day is a great incentive to achieve something with my day. Otherwise, I tend to dissolve into apathy and mindless Facebook scrolling, and that is not good for anybody. I am grateful for the time I have to create things, and I am grateful that everybody I know is healthy and taking this seriously. I need to remind myself of this when I am feeling anxiety and depression creeping back in.