Coronavirus Lockdown Diaries – Day 7

Lockdown Diaries (7)

Day 7 – 29/03/2020

Today has been beautifully sunny. I cleared off my cobwebs from yesterday, and we ventured outside to enjoy the nice weather by taking a Pokemon Go walk. It was really weird walking through the streets of Dalkeith with barely any people around. This morning I watched drone footage of central Edinburgh. The streets were empty. I have never seen the streets of Edinburgh empty. It was eerie. There were mutterings of the lockdown lasting 6 months in the news today. I like having time to myself, but I am not sure I want that much time. I did use today to be really productive, I finally got round to sitting down and writing my rat introduction diaries on my Fluffy Jellyfish blog – we recently got two new rat babies, and I documented the process of integrating them into our existing mischief. I felt really good after, and made a promise to myself to try and work harder in week two of isolation. If I can catch up with, and get ahead of my current blogging schedule, I will be super happy! I can do the thing!! We also had our Sunday takeaway treat today. I was a little devastated to find out our local Chinese was shut, so I was voted out and we opted for Dominoes. Tonight turned into a pizza and movie night. We watched Maleficent, and Maleficent: Mistress of Evil. I think Stuart was bored, but I am glad he watched them with me. I am super obsessed with mythology and fairytales, and Maleficent is the badass fairy queen that I used to imagine stories about. We need to watch more movies, and not just give in to mindless telly all the time. Now is the perfect time…