Coronavirus Lockdown Diaries – Day 6

Lockdown Diaries (6)

Day 6 – 28/03/2020

The number of deaths has risen above 1000 in the UK today. Stricter measures are being put in place to flatten the curve. We have been told that we should only leave the house for four reasons: shopping for basic necessities, exercise, any medical need, and essential work travel. Nobody knows how long this will last (the number being floated around is 13 weeks), but it is clear that it is all going to get worse before it gets better. Today, I am being self-absorbed and feeling a little depression kicking in. Saturdays are usually when we go out for our adventures: a zoo trip, a wander around a museum, a walk to a derelict castle, an afternoon tea, etc. So, to be stuck in the house on adventure day is giving me the blues. I know this is a stupid thing to feel sad about. I am using the online Pokemon card game to distract myself from real life today. To be honest, that is the only thing I really did today. I did not even shower today, I barely got out of bed. I did use today to spend some extra time with our pets. They always manage to make me feel better, including our tiny house guest: Bilbo. Bilbo belongs to my friend, Rosie. Rosie is currently stuck in Australia. She was holidaying there with her girlfriend when the lockdown came into effect, and their flights were cancelled. Luckily, they are staying with friends, and able to isolate with them. I am a little worried for them, but I am just glad that they are in a safe place for now. In the mean time, I am enjoying spending time looking after Bilbo, and she will be well taken care of, and spoiled until her Mum gets back! At least there are still things to be grateful for.