Coronavirus Lockdown Diaries – Day 5

Lockdown Diaries (5)

Day 5 – 27/03/2020

Today is Friday. Normally I love a Friday, but that becomes a bit meaningless when your whole week has felt like an extended weekend. Boris Johnson tested positive for Covid-19 this morning. I really do think we are living in the Matrix and the script has been given to comedians. What even is this planet anymore? In less ridiculous news, there was finally an announcement for the self-employed. Pretty much everyone in my life is self-employed, so we were starting to worry about money. Self-employed workers can now apply for a grant worth 80% of their average monthly profits to help us cope. That still begs the question of what is going to happen in the slightly more distant future, but for now there is something we can do. This pandemic is going to change the whole world, in a lot of ways we can’t yet see at the moment. In this moment, Stuart is just back from Tesco. He took all of his clothes off at the door, changed in to his robe, and went straight upstairs to shower, while my Mum washed his clothes. Then we both washed the shopping. Scrubbing a bunch of bananas with soapy water was not how I envisioned my day going. It feels bizarre, but this was an essential safety precaution. We really do live in weird times. There was still no toilet paper on the shelves, or hand sanitizer. In happier news, we are now subscribed to Disney+ which means we get to watch the Mandalorian tonight, and I get to torture Stuart by forcing him to watch all my favourite Disney movies!! In isolation, all you can do is find the little positives moments, and just enjoy them!