Coronavirus Lockdown Diaries – Day 3

Lockdown Diaries (3)

Day 3 – 25/03/2020

Today I was better at not constantly checking social media. I forced myself to be creative, and used my time constructively to make art. I drew my little rat baby, Smaug, who sadly passed away last year. The process was cathartic, and I am pleased with the result. I should really draw more. I want to try and use this time to get caught up on my blog schedule, and make as much art as I can. I write three blogs. is where I post all about my art (the behind the scenes stuff also goes on to my Patreon). is all about my love for tea, and it is here I like to review the teas I sample, and document my adventures with tea. is all about my passion for the animal world, and the blog I hope to be the most successful. I document my animal adventures, share stories of my own pets, and provide education through the things that I learn. I slightly wish I could turn back time and pick animal care or zoology as my subject to study at University. I want to change my path now, but I feel like I am too behind and struggling to catch up. I am 27 now, am I too old to change my mind about what I want to do? I still want to be an artist, but my desire to work with animals is so much stronger. I would also love to be a professional animal blogger… maybe one day I will get where I want to be? Maybe one day I will know who I want to be?