Coronavirus Lockdown Diaries – Day 2

Lockdown Diaries (2)

Day 2 – 24/03/2020

This morning we went for our one allotted Government-okayed walk. It was nice to get out of the house. We walked through the woods, down to Newbattle Abbey, purposefully attempting to avoid all humans. My overly-anxious self is in a state of low-level constant panic. My main fear is that I do not want anyone I know to die. It still feels early here, like it has not quite hit yet, but as I say that I am aware that the number of cases is rising – the death toll is rising. This is the part I do not want to think about, the part I think nobody wants to think about. For now, we just need to do what we can as individuals to keep safe. We maintained social distance on our walk, changed our clothes, and showered when we got home. This all feels a bit weird, not quite real, but at the same time just the new normal. My boss just sent out an update to let us know our three options: 1. to be paid in Furlough 2. to be made Redundant 3. to be Laid Off. I am opting for no.1. I work at Barklay Park Dog Day Care Centre. I would rather keep the job I have, and be paid a reduced amount, than struggle to find new work. My partner, and I are currently living in my parent’s house – this was supposed to be temporary while we saved for a house, but it looks like we might be here a little longer than expected – so we are relatively secure in our finances for now. I know it is a lot harder out there for others. I am worried for people. The main question that has been on my mind all day is how long is this all going to last?