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26th One Second Every Day

Another year, another set of seconds. To understand where this idea originated, watch this wonderful TED talk One Second Every Day by Cesar Kuriyama. I am not the first to be suitably inspired by such a glorious idea – just google “one second every day” and thousands of lives pop up – and hopefully I won’t be the last either!

I think that documenting life is important, and in this small way I am documenting mine. Editing, and watching these seconds back, makes me want to have a more interesting life. It seems like an odd way to look at it, but who wants to watch back a bunch of boring seconds? Remembering that is a good way to push me to do more. I mean, I could be lazy today, I could just sit and watch more telly, or I could go out an experience something new. Of course, we all give in to laziness and apathy sometimes – as you can see from a few of my clips – but having a small goal of making one of these films every year is a good motivator for me to do more, try more, experience more.

Here’s to many more wonderful moments captured…..

See you next year…

Much arty love.
Chloe out.

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