Sea Glass Engagement Ring for The Hobbit & The Elf

I had the privilege of creating an engagement ring for the wonderful Rosie & Aeryn. You might remember that I drew the couple as an Elf & Hobbit for the Hollydays (which you can check out here), and I was really honoured that Rosie asked me to be part of their story once more and make a surprise engagement ring for Aeryn.
Rosie had planned to propose to Aeryn during their one year anniversary celebration trip to Australia, but after I dropped off the ring to her a few weeks earlier, she was way too excited and proposed the very next day!… and I am really pleased to say that Aeryn said yes!!

The ring was made using real Scottish sea glass that we found on Broughty Ferry beach. After much discussion of which piece of our beachcombed treasure would make for the perfect ring, I took this precious cargo back to Edinburgh and went into the designing and planning mode!

Then it was into the Precious Metals Workshop for a day of intense making. I formed the ring shank from D-shaped sterling silver wire, and soldered together the bezel setting from fine silver. After a full day of tinkering with the setting in the workshop – with a lot of cursing and sighing from me! Another reason I want to thank Rosie for this commission, is that it got me back into the workshop to actually use the metalwork skills I had learned at DJCAD. It has been a while since I put these teachings to the test, and I was a little rusty!! It made me realise how much I miss crafting metal jewellery, and the maker in me is itching to get into the workshop more. Luckily, Ian at the Precious Metals Workshop is fantastic, and I can access a membership there when that making fever strikes me again… and hopefully in the not too distant future be able to set up a little bench in my home too! Hopefully you will start to see more works of jewellery coming out of the world of Chloe Henderson soon! – the ring was ready. A quick polish at home, a spot of photography, and it was ready to be delivered to Rosie. Luckily, we were due to play Dungeons and Dragons at the weekend, so all I had to do was secretly slip the ring to Rosie while Aeryn wasn’t looking!! Our plan worked, and Rosie was all set for the proposal on their Australia trip… or so I thought! The next day she sent me an excited message telling me Aeryn had said yes!!

I am so excited for you lovely humans, and I hope you continue to have an amazing life together for many years to come.


Chloe out.



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