The Chimera Artist at the Out of the Blue Makers Marque

Makers Marque is more than just a market for local traders and designers. It is a chance for people to get involved, learn a new skill and see the processes that usually take place behind closed studio doors. The event is a mix of local craftspeople demonstrating their skills and selling their unique products, plus artist and makers workshops, demonstrations and repair stations.” [source]

This past weekend I tabled at the Out of the Blue Makers Marque and demonstrated The Artist’s Chimera craft. My stall was set up with A Chimera Collection – a new jewellery collection of blue goopy pieces. I have not yet launched this collection, and I used this market as a chance to gauge people’s reactions to them, as well as playing around with new ideas for a collection integrating seashells into The Artist’s infectious growth pieces. It was really nice chatting to people, and thank you to everyone who gave me useful feedback. I can’t wait to keep making and get this collection launched with The Artist!!

As you can see from the below video, The Filmmaker popped along to the market to interview me about The Artist! The story is beginning to unfold further, and we are starting to get little hints as to what The Chimera Artist is all about… maybe we will never truly know what she is up to… but I hope you have fun finding out with me!

What do you think The Artist’s message is? Do you know what she is up to? Are you frustrated like The Filmmaker and just want to meet her? What do you think she will do next? Are you curious? Would you like buy an infection piece to wear?

Stay tuned…

More from this faerytale coming soon…

Much arty love.
Chloe out.

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