Tilly: A Star Trek Discovery Illustration

I have been more than a little obsessed with Star Trek Discovery! We binge-watched the latest season in a couple of days, which left me craving more!! I really hope they make another series… but for now, to satisfy my desire for more space magic, I decided to draw the wonderful Sylvia Tilly…

Tilly (4)

I have a huge crush for Tilly! I feel like she is a really important character for Star Trek. For me, she has humanised Starfleet, and made it relatable in a way that I have not felt for any of the characters so far. Tilly allows herself to stay soft, even when she is surrounded by chaos, betrayal, and war. Throughout all of the trials of Discovery, she has managed to retain her contagious optimism, and to me, I think Tilly embodies the true essence of what it should mean to be Starfleet.
Tilly has a brilliant mind. She is quick thinking, courageous and her love for the people and creatures that she holds dear is beautiful… and yet her character is believable… more than believable, she is inspirational. I love that she is a character that so many of us can see ourselves in her. Tilly has lofty dreams, and she is achieving them with strength, and vulnerability, and is more than worthy of our admiration, and affection.

Tilly (1)

Ink, and acrylic paint on paper.
July 2019
by Chloe Henderson

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Much arty love.
Chloe out.


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