The Andrew Logan Museum of Sculpture

“The Andrew Logan Museum of Sculpture is the only museum in Europe dedicated to a living artist. Andrew had always dreamed of opening a museum to share with the world his unique approach to life and art. He wanted the museum to be a vibrant space to display examples of work he had created over the decades and to stage events that would share his vision and skill for curating performance and spectacle.” [source]

I have been a little bit in love with Andrew Logan‘s work for a while now… so I was really excited to be able to visit The Andrew Logan Museum of Sculpture this month.
The Museum was a little smaller than I was expecting it be, but it was so packed full of wonderful artworks that it was completely worth the trip out to Berriew! Click me to find out how you can visit the Museum…

Andrew Logan is one of my favourite sculptural artists. His work is playful, imaginative, and I always have great admiration for those who challenge convention. His sculptural style can be characterised by his fantastical ability to use whatever objects are to hand, and to bring out brilliance from the everyday article. A transformation takes place within Andrew Logan’s work; he takes a real item, and with a sparkling skill it is metamorphosed into a new magical reality.
Wandering around the small museum, I start to see patterns emerge, and the inspirations become clear: a love of the natural world, the solar system, and religious iconography become apparent, as well as a clear love for travel, and immersion in different cultures comes through.

For me, Andrew Logan is a sculptor to aspire to. I want The Chimera Artist to become this prolific, inspired, and inspiring. Hopefully I can see my own museum full of blue goopy artworks, with a film displayed on every wall. One day…