Tabling at The Duplicate Publishing Fair

If you missed it, pop back and read My first ever Zine Fair!!! at the Solid Gone Birmingham DIY Arts & Culture Fair to see my first dive into the big wide world of zines!

The Duplicate Publishing Fair by Baaad Press at Eastside Projects was my second journey into the real world of zinesters, and this time I was flying solo! This fair was a little bigger than the first, and it was just as busy. My Cat-Spotting zine seemed to be the most popular zine of the day! and it has made me really want to make more zines about cats!!!
On the whole, it was not the best selling day for me, but I managed to break free from a lot of my anxiety and actually talk to some of my fellow zine-makers, and to me, that was a huge win. The more markets, cons, fairs, and events that I do, the more confident I become… but it is a bit of an uphill struggle for me. Each new event fills me with so much anxiety, sometimes almost too much, and without the encouragement of my awesome partner, Stuart, there would be some events that I would miss out on because of that overwhelming feeling of dread that anxiety brings to the table. I’m grateful for your help Stuart, and I just want to keep on pushing myself to do more and more and more!

I just wrote a post all about my new zines HERE and you can buy all of the zines I have talked about in my Folksy store!

For those of you that are reading this and thinking “what the heck is a zine?!” A zine is like a non-commercial, non-professional magazine… but not quite. Unlike magazines, zines exist to share ideas, and more importantly share voices that usually go unheard, or art that goes unseen in the mass-produced magazines we are used to seeing. Also, zines are not generally made solely for profit, as the messages, and art contained within are more important than capitalist nonsense; the majority of zines just cover the costs of production/expenses of the artist. Typically zines are made using some form of collaging technique, be that cut and paste, or digital, and are then photocopied and printed; as these methods are available to almost everyone. However, there is no set way to make a zine, and anything goes in the zine world… and I think that is one of the things I like most about making zines!!

Much arty love.
Chloe out.


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