My first ever Zine Fair!!! at the Solid Gone Birmingham DIY Arts & Culture Fair

Another goal I can cross off my list for 2019 is being a stallholder at my first ever zine fair!!

I have been getting more and more into the culture of zine-making, and I really enjoy this creative avenue in my work. The process of creating a zine is beautifully cathartic, and I have so many ideas for exciting new zines just waiting to be made!
For those of you that are reading this and thinking “what the heck is a zine?!” A zine is like a non-commercial, non-professional magazine… but not quite. Unlike magazines, zines exist to share ideas, and more importantly share voices that usually go unheard, or art that goes unseen in the mass-produced magazines we are used to seeing. Also, zines are not generally made solely for profit, as the messages, and art contained within are more important than capitalist nonsense; the majority of zines just cover the costs of production/expenses of the artist. Typically zines are made using some form of collaging technique, be that cut and paste, or digital, and are then photocopied and printed; as these methods are available to almost everyone. However, there is no set way to make a zine, and anything goes in the zine world… and I think that is one of the things I like most about making zines!!

The Solid Gone DIY Arts & Culture Fair was my first trip into the real world of zine culture, and I shared a table with fellow zine-lover Katie Mayes, who makes awesome musically inspired perzines.

My first fair was a fantastic experience, and I had some lovely conversations with fair visitors, as well as selling a good few of my new zines. It’s always super exciting to sell work at fairs and markets, as it validates what I am doing as an artist… yes! someone actually wants to take my art home!! Today I am a happy little artist…

Stay tuned for my next post all about my new zines…

Much arty love.
Chloe out.

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