Introducing: A Whole Bunch of New Zines!!!

In my last post all about the Solid Gone Birmingham DIY Arts and Culture Fair aka my first ever zine fair I told you all about the awesome a time I had selling my zines at the fair… and I hinted at all the new zines that I have been making recently… well… here they all are!!

This post is an introduction to ALL of my beautiful new zines!! Settle in, and prepare yourself to be zined…

The Chimera Artist

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you will probably have already guessed what this one is about…
A mysterious creature, known only as The Artist, uses alchemy to transform victimised everyday people into fantastical Chimeras. After becoming obsessed by The Artist, an ordinary American Filmmaker makes it his duty to document every movement of The Artist, and tracks down her other victims to tell their strange stories…
See all of the adventures behind the film in this zine!

Shop The Chimera Artist zine by clicking me!!

Lexicon Creatures Zine Collection

Lexicon Creatures was my final degree show collection. I developed five mini-collections within my final portfolio of work, each one was inspired by a different piece of literature that I obsessively fangirled over. I graduated from The Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design, Universty of Dundee in 2014 with a 2:1 Honours Bachelors of Design degree in Jewellery and Metal Design. This collection of zines is a jewellery adventure of how I got there…

Shop the Lexicon Creatures Zine Collection by clicking me!!

Cat-Spotting: My Feline Adventures Archive

In this series of zines I will be taking you out on my travels and we will discover all the cats of the world together!! I will be snapping photographs out in the field, and taking them back to my zine workshop to discuss and rate my experiences with the various cats I stumble across in the world… and this little series is the result… my adventure guide to spotting cats and documenting my new furry friends!

Shop the Cat-Spotting Zine Collection by clicking me!!

Has Issues

Has Issues is a cut and paste zine, created purely from terrible “women’s interest” magazines. This edition focuses on how much I hate the beauty industry.

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Munich Jewellery Week

“Munich Jewellery Week is considered to be one of the most significant international meeting of contemporary jewellery design and is a meeting point for collectors, gallerists, and jewellery artists from around the world.”
My first visit to Munich Jewellery Week was last year as a Master’s student, at The Birmingham School of Jewellery, who was just starting on her adventure, and this year I was back in Munich to present the work I created during my time on that MA, alongside my fellow students, as Oscillations Exhibition. This is a series that documents my adventures at Munich Jewellery Week. It is a part travel journal, part reflections on my experience as a curator, and part a collection of reviews of jewellery exhibitions. I hope you enjoy reading about my jewellery adventures…

Shop the Munich Jewellery Week Zine by clicking me!!


I hope you have enjoyed reading about all of my new zines! and if you want to add any of them to your own zine collection they are all £3 each and are available here! I am also happy to do zine swaps, so if you wanna arrange a swap please comment below or email me at info@chloehenderson.co.uk ❤

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Much arty love.
Chloe out.


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