Oscillations Exhibition at Munich Jewellery Week 2019

I just posted all about my jewellery adventures at Munich Jewellery Week 2019 where I mentioned my own exhibition: Oscillations… and this is the post where I tell you all about it!!

Oscillations Exhibition is a collaboration between 25 students from the Masters class of 2018 at The Birmingham School of Jewellery. Last September we debuted our show, and in March we went international and showcased our work at Munich Jewellery Week 2019…

The Munich Jewellery Week, 13 -17 March 2019, is considered to be one of the most significant international meeting of contemporary jewellery design and is a meeting point for collectors, gallerists, curators and jewellery artists from around the world.” [source]

This is the first time I have been part of a small curation team on an international level! so it was exciting to put my curation skills into action to ensure our show would come together smoothly. I worked hard alongside Naomi Clarke, and Hannah aka Spam Glam, with the additional help of my wonderful partner, Stuart, and Naomi’s husband, Chris, popped in and out to help us as well, and we were overseen by my tutor, and Polyphonous organiser, Jivan Astfalck

Our exhibition was part of a group of exhibitions known as Polyphonous, which is a hub of exhibitions within Munich Jewellery Week, centring around the gallery Gabi Green.

Our space within this hub was the McArthur & McArthur Studios and our biggest challenge was to figure out how to display our work in such a large space. Jewellery is fairly small, and we needed to be able to take over the whole space, as well as being able to travel all of our display items to Germany from Birmingham… a tough one! It was Prim who suggested umbrellas during one of our pre-planning meetings, and from there that idea stuck.
We arrived on the Monday, and the exhibition opened on Thursday, so we had three days to play with the umbrellas and figure out the best arrangement. My own work was relatively simple as they space already had a projector set up in place, so I just had to wrangle the technology to make it work!
As first time international curators…. I think we did a fantastic job with what we had!!

Oscillations Setup (28)

Well done team!!!

The best part of this experience was chatting to visitors about the show, and about my work. If you know me, you know that I am a socially anxious, shy person… but I can overcome that and put on my “customer service hat” to make myself a friendly greeter… I can be a pretty good actor when I want to be! Pretending I am not anxious blob of human is one of my greatest skills, and while I love talking to people about art and jewellery, it also really terrifies me!! So I am proud of me for managing to get over myself enough to have some beautiful conversations about my work… and I sold a good bit of my merch too!!

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I hope you enjoyed reading about my Munich adventures! Let me know what you think of our umbrella display in the comments below?

Much arty love.
Chloe out.

p.s. I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to my partner, Stuart… without you this would not have come together and I am so grateful that you were there to support me through it all. Love you moo ❤

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