Present Pendants: Playing with Enamel

While on my MA at The Birmingham School of Jewellery I was lucky enough to be able to use all the facilities to test out new techniques, and gain new skills. One of those techniques was enamelling, and just before I left, I played around with my new skill to make a set of enamelled pendant presents for my family and friends.

The process of enamelling is really simple, but it is a highly skilled technique. It would require a lot of testing – getting the temperatures right, a steady hand to lay out the powders, a keen eye to get the colours right, perfect timing… the list could go on and on! and I only played around with one technique; there are many more enamelling techniques to choose from. I really enjoyed the process, and I could quite happily see myself spending hours basking in the hot glow of the kiln. I miss the SoJ facilities, and wish I could just spend all day playing round with different making techniques! Enamelling was great fun, and hopefully one day I will be able to bring it back into my work… for now… I thought I would write this short post to show off the pieces  I made!!

Hopefully my 2019 will be as full of wonderful making as my 2018………

Much arty love.
Chloe out.