25th One Second Every Day

Another year, another set of seconds. To understand where this idea originated, watch this wonderful TED talk One Second Every Day by Cesar Kuriyama. I am not the first to be suitably inspired by such a glorious idea – just google “one second every day” and thousands of lives pop up – and hopefully I won’t be the last either!

I think this method is such a beautiful way to capture a life, preserve tiny little memories that would usually be forgotten, and give me a whole year of unique moments to remember. I have always been useless at writing diaries, even though I really want to be good at it, the closest I come is this blog, and my bits and pieces sketchbook… but these second films allow me to capture the important things, and allow for reflection.


Making these films, and then watching them back as I edit them into a final film really makes me strive to better my life… I mean, who wants to watch back a bunch of boring seconds?! It has helped me to make everyday matter, and even on those “nothing” days, I always try to make an effort to just do something, one thing that makes the day worth it… sometimes depression, and anxiety get in the way, and that can be seen in a couple of the duller seconds, but for every failed day, there are at least 10 good days, 10 good moments, and just having the seconds in the back of my mind helps me to push through the fog of mental illness to make my life better.

Therapy through art is always the way eh?!

Here’s to many more wonderful moments captured…..

See you next year…

Much arty love.
Chloe out.