Nobody needs a Pangolin’s scales but a Pangolin

Pangolin (1)

For #WorldPangolinDay 2019 I celebrated by raising awareness of this unique scaley mammal by making art! Pangolins are the only mammal with scales, there are six different species of Pangolins, they have tongues almost as long as their bodies, and they are a type of ant-eater found in Africa and Asia. Pangolin numbers are rapidly decreasing in the wild due to illegal poaching. Their scales are wrongfully used in Chinese medicine, and their meat is considered a delicacy across Asia. The crimes humanity is committing against these endearing spiky critters is heartbreaking. You can help fight the illegal trade by spreading awareness of the atrocities committed against these beautiful creatures.

I was inspired to create this artwork after watching the documentary Pangolins – The World’s Most Wanted Animal on the BBC…

The endearing pangolin is a little-known scaly mammal. Found in Africa and Asia, these shy creatures have an unfortunate tagline – they are the most poached and illegally trafficked animals in the world. Based in Namibia, conservationist Maria Diekmann rescues and rehabilitates her local pangolins. In a bid to better understand the global issues they are facing, we follow Maria to Vietnam, Thailand and China into the very heart of the crisis, where demand for pangolin products is greatest. In what turns out to be an emotional journey, Maria joins forces with a Chinese megastar to build a campaign to bring awareness to the plight of an animal most people have never even heard of.

I was completely heartbroken after watching it, and felt emotionally devastated. I also felt helpless, because in my little flat in the UK I didn’t feel like there was much I could do. But then I made art. It isn’t much, but it’s something. It’s raising awareness in a small way, and hopefully by reading this you will want to help too, and you’ll share this post, or raise awareness in your own way, and the story of the pangolin will be spread further and further, and we can help to change their story.

Inks on paper.
This original artwork is for sale in my Folksy store.


If you want to help, check out these links, and donate where you can…

REST – Rare and Endangered Species Trust
Save Vietnam’s Wildlife
The IUCN SSC Pangolin Specialist Group
Save Pangolins


Much arty love.
Chloe out.