Mindful Dotty Art for Wellbeing with Upcycled World

This past weekend I had an art adventure with Sophie at Upcycled World! We practised the art of mindfulness with a led session in dotty painting…

Dotty Art is all about relaxing, feeling good and enjoying yourself. It’s a gentle mindful practice that helps relieve worries, stress and anxiety giving wellbeing. Dot mark making to create images is a primitive art form rooted in tribal cultures across the world from Europe to Australia to Africa and still used today.” [source]

If you know me, you know that anxiety is part of my everyday vibe, so I really needed the relaxation from this session!! I am not overly pleased with the final piece of work that I created, but I really enjoyed the process. I would like to make gentle meditation, and consistent mindfulness a part of my artistic practice. Through this class, I realised that setting the mood before creating art is intrinsic to the journey, and crafting the right atmosphere is key to my own mental health while working. I am grateful to this class for that lesson, even if the actual art of dottiness is not one for me! I liked playing with the colours, and using the different tools, but I like lines more than dots, and I think that is why I struggled to make a piece of work that I liked the aesthetics of.

Upcycled World hosts lots of fantastic upcycling, and artful workshops in Edinburgh. Exlcuding the paint, all of the materials we used were upcycled. Check out the Upcycled World Website to book your next environmentally conscious art class!

Much arty love.
Chloe out.