#Inktober 2018 is complete!!!

All 31 #Inktober drawings are complete… I was a little bit late in the end getting them all done, but I did finish this year! It proved to me that I can make time for art every day, I just need to try a bit harder. I am keen to continue on with this enthusiasm, and attempt to make time for a small amount of illustration everyday… it might be as simple as a quick pattern sketch in my sketchbook, a messy watercolour background test, or creating a finished illustration in small parts over a few days… but I want to make sure there is at least something doodled every single day… wish me luck!!

If you like any of my Poketober pieces, and just have take one home with you, pop over to my Folksy Store where they are all listed now. All Inktober illustrations are just £20 each, and make perfect gifts for your nerdy friends 😉


Much arty love.
Chloe out.