Sea Life Munich

As a little break from all of our jewellery adventures in Munich, we took a trip out to the Sea Life Munich, to relax amongst the beautiful creatures that life under the watery depths.

It was a beautiful little aquarium, sadly lacking in jellyfish! but that was made up by the vast array of corals, fish, and stingrays + a stunning green turtle. There was a lot of visual inspiration for me to photograph, and draw into a collection of references for the aesthetics of my Chimeras.

I selected sea creatures because I am hugely drawn to them. Out of the whole animal kingdom the creatures that swim in the waters of our planet are the ones that fascinate me the most. Perhaps it is just my inner mermaid, but I eagerly seek out the weird and the wonderful… and in the natural world, a lot of the weird and wonderful lives in the sea!! And the colour palettes of the big blue are just devine…

My visual aesthetics develop both with visual research such as this in conjunction with the material tests I evolve in the workshop. I am using these aesthetics, and the creatures they are created from, to progress my character narratives, and add a level of convincing storytelling to my films.

I’m off to swim with the fishes…

Much arty love.
Chloe out.